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Macbeth And Victor Frankenstein Responsible For Their Own...

To what extent are the characters of Macbeth and Victor Frankenstein responsible for their own downfalls? Both Frankenstein and the Tragedy Of Macbeth are pieces of literature with very similar protagonists, whose downfalls are widely considered to be brought about by nobody but themselves. They have determination and chance of greatness, with a selfish side that shows till their end. Despite their selfish similarities and moments of madness, they were written both at very different times, by very different authors. One, a respected male playwright pandering to the monarch of the time, and the other a young female writer with a Gothic horror dà ©but that presents the fate of those gripped with excessive ambition. The texts use the usual†¦show more content†¦The actions of Macbeth might not have been the actions of Macbeth at all, but rather the actions of a puppet being played with by the witches. â€Å"Brave Macbeth† who â€Å"deserves this name† is obviously a highly regarded man by all. Macbeth embodies a feature of Aristotle’s tragic hero-that they must have a noble stature. At one point King Duncan goes so far as to say â€Å"Noble Macbeth hath won† directly. Laying the foundation for Macbeth’s character as a noble hero sets up the reader to experience a massive juxtaposition once they realise how far he has fallen, later on in the play. These subtle suggestions of nobility serve as a short cut for Shakespeare, not having to go into detail about what he has done to make him noble, just that that is what he is. Frankenstein is in the same boat as Macbeth when it comes to his nobility. He was certainly considered a genius by his peers â€Å"he is so gentle, yet so wise; his mind is so cultivated when he speaks.† Unlike Macbeth, Frankenstein’s journey isn’t hidden from the reader. It is detailed from the start of his life to help the reader witness his growing and learning possibly to a point where the reader is growing and learning themselves. The point of putting the two characters on pedestals is to better justify the character’s arrogance. Being told you’re excellent by almost everyone is enough to make anyone haughty. By giving them clear character flaws with a clear explanation, the reader can relate to the two men, more

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Personal Narrative Family And Mealtime - 999 Words

Family and Mealtime When you think about your family when you were growing up do you remember being together at mealtime or going off doing your own thing? Where these experiences you would like to carry onto your family or change them. As the years pass we as a society become busier and busier with work obligations, our and our children’s extra curricular activities and trying to keep with the everyday things that need to be done. Sometimes it feels as if there is not enough time to cook a meal and sit down together, or is this something that we have just become accustom to saying? It has also been mentioned that eating out or getting take out saves time and money, but even then are we getting the quality time we need with our families? Does it benefit our families to skip this quality time together? Mealtime is the perfect time for families to get together, catch up and wind down. This time can be used to catch up with each other and learn new things about the people that we live with and love. Many families feel that there is not enough time in the day to cook and sit down together. In the article â€Å" How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life† written by Mark Hyman, MD he states â€Å"Americans spend more time watching cooking on the Food Network, than actually preparing their own meals.† If families are saying there is not enough time to cook a meal and sit down and enjoy it together what does that say about their priorities? Meal time with our families need to become a priorityShow MoreRelatedEssay on Personal Narrative- The Importance of Family Dining1429 Words   |  6 PagesPersonal Narrative- The Importance of Family Dining Never forget that your family is really the most important assembly you ever entertain. -Irma S. Rombauer, Joy of Cooking I awaken this morning with the aroma of bacon calling me to the kitchen. Upon my arrival I witness the table set for five, complete with imported European coffee, buttered toast, maple syrup, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a stack of pancakes so tall it continues to wobble trying to find a center of gravity. AlongsideRead MoreCognitive Behavioral Therapy ( Cbt )1480 Words   |  6 Pagestaking care of her mother by visiting the hospital 3 to 4 days a week to attend her personal needs (emotional, physically, and spiritual) by reading the bible to her, assisting in her personal hygiene and emotional needs. Client M had a lack of motivation to attend college, social activities and work. Client M expressed her hear felt heavy and was isolated from her family members for over a month after her loss. A family member spoke to Client M about seeing a psychiatrist regarding her depression itRead MoreJournal Entries - Ap English; How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Foster2571 Words   |  11 Pagesthemselves through the experience of the quest. Skeeter is a principle character in the Help, and she is not content with her present life, living at home with her mother trying to marry her to a good southern gentleman, as has been customary in her family. This is the second convention, as well as the third: a destination, and an initial motivation. Skeeter wants to be a writer, and she is presented with an opportunity in journalism which must involve a writing project that is a breakthrough, neverRead MoreIntervention Plan And Care Of Hispanic Men Essay2805 Words   |  12 Pagesbarriers , social barriers, limitations in communication, perception, adherence, and understanding of treatment. The other challenges that need to be solved are the family and culturally related barriers. The lack of intervention strategies was cited as one of the causes for the barriers. Interventions that can address the barriers include family support, management skills education and culturally relevant resources. There is also need to establish ways of addressing the miscommunication that occurs betweenRead MoreIntroduction. Delivering Of Patient?S Care Is Intertwined2362 Words   |  10 Pagesregardedasthe most common causes of complaints in healthcare (Cambell,2006). Main Body In nursing, communication is when health related information is shared between a patient and a nurse, this information might be verbal or non-verbal, written or spoken, personal or impersonal, issue- specific or even relationship orientated (Sheldon, 2004:4). Person centred care is vital to nursing care and would not be achieved without communication. Nursing staff use the process of communication on patient assessmentsRead MoreEssay Developmental Psychology and Children43507 Words   |  175 Pagesthis. You must promote positive attitudes to diversity and difference within all children. In doing this you will help them to learn to value different aspects of their own and other people’s lives. This includes making sure that all children and families feel included, safe and valued; that all children and adults are treated as individuals and are not discriminated against; and that all children are listened to and respected. Practitioners must plan for the needs of children from black and otherRead MoreCache Level 3 Award, Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education15197 Words   |  61 Pagesdevelopment Care of sick children Nutrition and healthy food for children Child, family and outside world Working with children with special needs Developing children’s (3-8 years) mathematical skills Developing children’s (3-8 years) communication, language and literacy skills International approaches towards children’s education Working with babies from birth to 12 months Multi-agency working with children Children, parent and family needs Supporting children with English as an additional language UnitRead Morepreschool Essay46149 Words   |  185 PagesCalifornia Alliance Concerned with SchoolAge Parenting and Pregnancy Prevention (CACSAP/Cal-SAFE) California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC) California Association of Family Child Care (CAFCC) California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators (CALSA) California Child Care Coordinators Association California Child Care Resource and Referral Network (CCCRRN) California Child Development AdministratorsRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesoutcomes. These learning outcomes provide a guide to the different sections of the chapter. Stop and think Each of the chapters contains ‘stop and think’ boxes. These are designed to form the basis for brief discussion amongst group members or for personal reflection on some key issue raised in the text. Case studies These are designed to enable the reader to relate theoretical issues to organization practice, or to give a practical organizational example. Ideas and perspectives These are designed

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Service Innovation Proposal - 1428 Words

Service Innovation Proposal Billy Bob OI/466 August 11. 2014 Fred Greifenstein Service Innovation Proposal Introduction When a company’s main purpose is service and customers, service innovation becomes critical to the success of that company lifeline. A company can use an approach such as Innovation Business Design Model (IBDM) a five-step roadmap when applied the steps to create a service innovation proposal. IBDM defines what service means to a company, it gives a description of how a company such as an Intelligent Office use the five-step roadmap for service innovation to assist with the company’s needs, it also give an explanation how an Intelligent Office†¦show more content†¦Ralph company will display and organizational goal by means of and objective giving a useful service to the business community. Competitive evaluation by customer’s service, technical necessities, importance of the service presented, and market study by exploring a service exclusively focusing on customer’s service to business community by means of intellectual resources of human resourc es using an innovative and inventive thought, capability, proficiency and thought while hypothesizing a service for people. Identify problems and opportunity The intelligence Office identifies and define the problems and opportunity by researching the market while on a mission to see if the service was economical, practical, valuable, and needed to business people. The owner will use unique nuances by investigating if other business people encountered the same issues of needing part-time or full time office space. Ralph realize his this idea would solve problems for business person and create an opportunity for both parties by providing a facility, meeting rooms, mail service, and various communication mechanism. This service would create an incremental or major improvement since it considered a new approach to customer service for a business person. Creative Concept The third step, the intelligence Office will use creative concept development by using unique nuances based on service and creative thinking, by providing a way forShow MoreRelatedIndividual Assignment: Strategic Plan1617 Words   |  7 Pagesproposed business entity We Do Your Proposal by identifying its distinctive capabilities, weaknesses, issues, opportunities, and circumstances which are the part of its business environment. It also presents respective hypothesis for every issue and some possible research questions which can be used for market research. SWOT Analysis for We Do Your Proposal 1. Internal Forces and Trends Considerations: A. Strengths: The biggest strength of We Do Your Proposal is the lack of an intense competitionRead MoreCurrent Process Of Nice Technology Appraisal1593 Words   |  7 PagesNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. NICE offers various services such as development of scientific and clinical guidelines, quality standards and information services for public health1 etc. Among these services, NICE also carries out technology appraisals known as multi technology appraisals (MTAs) or single technology appraisals (STA). Technology appraisals are recommendations onRead MoreManaging Innovation Summary Essay681 Words   |  3 PagesManaging Innovation Summary Learning Team B MGT/411 Corey Neal July 1, 2013 Managing Innovation Summary Learning Team B took a look a list of six characteristics about managing innovation and technology. Our team reviewed the characteristics based on the most to the least important. First, we assess the characteristic by studying and analyzing the information. We determined that periodic reviews of informal proposals by a group outside line management was most important, because this couldRead MoreThe Effect Of Leadership Styles And Organizational Structures On Innovation965 Words   |  4 PagesThe Effect of Leadership Styles and Organizational Structures on Innovation Introduction Currently, organizations are immersed in a dynamic and competitive environment. Changes in technology and markets, products and services, and changes in consumer preferences are an integral part of such environment. For example, companies are inventing various products while advancements in information and communication technologies (ICT) are continuously changing the ways and channels of product productionRead MoreA4c Project Proposal1198 Words   |  5 Pages The proposal from Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for their Agriculture for Basic Needs (A4N) project should not be funded. Although CRS includes meaningful participation mechanisms in program implementation and monitoring and evaluation (ME) procedures, certain critical aspects of the project remain unclear and this is too large of a risk for a grant of this size. Project Background CRS proposed a three-year, four-country project with a $15 million budget. A4N intends to combat food insecurityRead MoreProject Management1285 Words   |  6 Pagesa two to three page paper: †¢What are the main types of good and services being outsourced? †¢Why are the organizations in the articles choosing to outsource? †¢Have the organizations in your articles benefited from outsourcing? Why or why not? Help desk and desktop support, call center operations, data center, Web/e-commerce systems and application development, testing, and production support are some of the major services that are being outsourced. Organizations in the article and generallyRead MoreAnalysis Of Seven Staircases Of Growth Strategies919 Words   |  4 Pagescontracts to help the customer procure additional products and services through the modifications to the existing contracts, such as extending the period of performance and engineering change proposals (ECPs). 2. Attracting new customers Raytheon achieves its strategy to attract new customers by leveraging the company’s past and current capabilities, products, services, and solutions. Typically, a past performance is part of the proposal evaluation criteria. The bidders/contractors require to submitRead MoreUnderstanding And Articulate Business Vision Concepts Essay1653 Words   |  7 PagesIdentification of meaning of fostering entrepreneurship and innovation 6 Establish business goals and formulation of strategic plans 7 Introduction The main purpose of making this report is to establishment of plan for small business ventures. In this concept we are going to discuss about the vision of a particular different business and its communication and ethical framework. Here we are also going to consider entrepreneurship and innovation technique by thoroughly research. I have made researchRead MoreVideo Game Sales Over The Past Years1506 Words   |  7 PagesOwner (325)555-3232 Abstract We at Ninesis game believe we are in a better time than ever to begin development on a brand new gaming console that would compete with the Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4, and Nintendo’s Wii U. In this proposal I will go over everything from how we will develop the Ninesis Gaming System and how much it would cost to produce enough of the consoles to be able to send them out to testers. We believe this move in development would put the company into the AAARead MoreEssay about The Dim Lighting Company Case Analysis988 Words   |  4 Pagescurrent portfolio not meeting the needs of their customer base? Macro issues that the company needs to deal with is the miss on their operational targets as well as the potential loss of their R amp; D Director should corporate elect not to fund a proposal that should it be successful will make them a key player in their industry for years to come. This is further complicated by their management style which has been more reactive rather than renewing and with the case profile not referencing any new

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Censorship And Its Impact On Society Essay - 1658 Words

Modern culture and all throughout time books have majorly impacted civilizations across the world with their influential and thought- provoking words and content known in schools. Opinions have spur the intellect of the young creating many of the revolutionaries we have come to love and praise. Literature has been an important aspect of human life. It is the way we keep records of past events and it is the process in which we convey our feelings through pen and paper. The practice of burning books has long stopped but everyday there are new paperbacks being challenged and taken off shelves in schools or public libraries deemed too inappropriate to showcase to children decided by a group of people. A multitudinous of men and women have come to regard government as some sort of liberator for censoring what they consider incorrect, while others view it as a corrupt system that supports the idea of keeping the eyes of the world shut to the truth and blinded to mankind’s past and p resent mistakes. Censorship has always been prevalent, it has let a small crowd of people dictate what the masses can or can’t see as well as what they can and can’t read in schools. It is the suppression of speech: the careful evaluation of each and every book and the censoring of unacceptable parts. Censorship has been one of the world’s most controversial topics. It has been around since before 399 BCE and has affected societies in one way or another. There are different forms of implementingShow MoreRelatedThe Censorship of Pornography1581 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Censorship of Pornography: Censorship is vital and takes place on a daily basis in the modern society even in nations that state their respect and maintenance of the freedom of speech. For instance, there are several regulations that restrict broadcasters in the kind of programmes to be transmitted as specific times of the day. The other ways with which censorship happens every day is through the laws that forbid people from expressing themselves publicly toward particular political or ethnicRead MorePositive And Negative Effects Of Censorship In Society798 Words   |  4 PagesCensorship is the suppression, alteration, or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, music, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security. Censorship is an action that has been performed for many years on several subjects of the world, and it is still happening today. Although censorship is an action occurred on many subjects, music is one of the biggest censorship problems in todayâ€⠄¢s world. Music can have both positive and negative effects on a personRead MoreStudies in Contemporary Literature: Free Speech1622 Words   |  7 Pages Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined as determined by the government, media outlet, or other controlling bodies (Wikipedia, 1). This can be done by governments and private organizations or by individuals who engage in self-censorship which is the act of censoring or classifying one’s own work like blog, books, films, or other means of expression, out of theRead MorePros And Cons Of Censorship1590 Words   |  7 PagesCensorship can be beneficial in some aspects but if used improperly it can also be harmful. Censorship is the control of what people may say or hear, write or read, or see or do. Censorship can affect all forms of art, music, speech, and expression. It can be seen as a m eans of suppressing free speech, especially in the case of musical lyrics and the impact music has on behaviors. According to Richard Taruskin, â€Å"It is all but irresistible kinesthetic response that music evokes that makes it suchRead MoreThe Sun Starts To Set As Your Making A Rather Difficult1242 Words   |  5 Pagesmultiple beeps and conquers your fun sadly.Censorship has a negative impact on society because it refuses to exploit the harsh reality, and rather cover it up with harsh snippets of beeps and silence. Every human across the nation posses some sort of artistic value, whether its freedom of speech, or the freedom to express themselves. Yet, the government tends to have an authoritive hold to limit these freedoms using censorship to confine the rights we take for granted. The most important facet ofRead MoreTheme Of Censorship In Fahrenheit 4511341 Words   |  6 PagesCensorship is defined as the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc., which are considered obscene, politically unacceptable or a threat to security. Ray Bradbury’s ideals for the novel, Fahrenheit 451, have shown a different light on how a society can function. The theme of censorship is displayed in the novel by the firemen and how they are uneducated about the values of knowledge and happiness, the secret understanding the people don’t have about books, and the standardsRead MorePros And Cons Of Censorship On Society1325 Words   |  6 PagesCensorship and its Caveats on Society From books to the internet, it is very easy to get any information quickly. Although this may be true you can’t find everything you may be looking for, there are things out there that are censored. Censorship is the restriction of certain information to one or a group of people, from others who think it’s dangerous. Censorship can be used in beneficial ways to protect people, but it is often misused to harm people long-term. Here is some information about someRead MoreAnalytical Essay On Fahrenheit 4511044 Words   |  5 Pagesdestructive. Censorship leads the society to an unpleasant conclusion. Censorship amounts prohibition of expression of someone’s ideas, thoughts which may be detrimental and prejudicial to a particular class of people. The book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, revolves around the idea of censorship as a bane to the society and culture. The book touches on various consequences of censorship like social isolation and infringement of thoughts. Bradbury has given an accurate representation of the society leadingRead MoreTheme Of Censorship In Fahrenheit 4511285 Words   |  6 PagesThis idea or theme called censorship, is the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.Bradbury’s ideals for this novel have shown a different light on what a society can function like and how the people are so unaware of such as knowledge and happiness. The theme of censorship is proven in the novel by the firemen and how they are so uneducated about the ideas of knowledge and happiness, theRead MoreCensorship of Electronic Communication Systems1158 Words   |  5 PagesCENSORSHIP OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Introduction. Communication system of society is changing rapidly with the time. In ancient ages people use to communicate with shouting. If people are much more apart from one another the letter writing was the only means of communication just before 500 years. Due to rapid development of science, now a days a message can be passed to millions of people who all are scattered in whole world by a simple electronic communication system. Due to electronic

Autoimmune Disease Called Lupus Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

Lupus has no known cause, it is a complex disease. Lupus can be linked to familial, environmental, and hormonal factors. Scientists believe there is no individual cistron that give people lupus, but suggest the badness of the disease and which tissues and variety meats are affected. We will write a custom essay sample on Autoimmune Disease Called Lupus Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now SLE can impact the organic structure system otherwise individual to individual. These systems can be affected by lupus. The kidneys, this cause redness of the kidneys and can impair their ability to acquire rid of waste merchandise and other toxins from the organic structure. The lungs, people with lupus develop pleuritis, and redness of the liner of the chest pit that cause thorax hurting and they may besides acquire pneumonia. The cardinal nervous system, lupus affect the encephalon and can do concerns, giddiness, depression, memory perturbations, vision job ictuss, shot, or alterations in behaviour. The blood vass become inflames and impact the circulation through the organic structure. In the blood, people with lupus develop anaemia, leucopenia or thrombopenia. Thrombocytopenia is when the thrombocytes in the blood, that assist in coagulating are decrease in Numberss. In lupus the bosom can go inflamed besides destructing the bosom valves. A patient with lupus can besides hold s jogren syndrome. This cause dry eyes and dry oral cavity. The people with lupus will hold many different symptoms or oncomings. These symptoms are fatigue, hurting and puffiness in the articulations and musculuss, a batch like people with arthritis, clamber roseola that may look across the face, ear, upper weaponries, thorax, and organic structure parts expose to the Sun, photosensivity, unexplained febrilities, unwritten ulcers, pericarditis, concerns, giddiness, depression, confusion, ictuss, psychosis, unusual hair loss, picket or violet fingers or toes from emphasis or cold. These symptoms range from mild to severe and different from individual to individual ( 2011 ) Handout on wellness ) . SLE is a disease that is largely in immature adult females than in males. It is in the organic structure from birth to decease, and takes action between the age of 15 and 40. Because SLE often affects adult females of childbearing age, gestation is an of import issue. About 25 % of all babes born to female parents with SLE are premature ( 2011 ) Handout on wellness ) . Most babes born to female parents with SLE are normal. However, a rare status called neonatal lupus causes a babe of a female parent with SLE to develop a tegument roseola, liver or blood jobs, and a serious bosom conditions. In pregnant adult females, lupus can cause30 % them to hold a abortion ( Ferrara, E. ( 2010 ) . This disease is found in chiefly inkinesss. There is a possibility it can be found in Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans. It is hard to name people with lupus.For the physician to state a patient they have lupus, When naming lupus, the physician looks at the medical history of that patient, a compl ete physical scrutiny, complete blood count, erythrocyte deposit rate, uranalysis, blood chemical sciences, complete degrees, anti-DNA, anti-Sm, anti-RNP, anti-Ro, antiaa‚ ¬ † La and anticardiolipin antibody trial. There are other laboratory trials to look into the advancement. The physician besides has the patient make some X raies and other imaging trial to look into for variety meats consequence by SLE ( 2011 ) Handout on wellness ) . It can take up old ages of proving.sometimes other disease will mime the lupus and new accruing symptoms can lift which would assist or do the diagnose take have to be really patient and willing as for the physician has to hold good cognition of the disease and good communication accomplishments.sometimes. Healthy people can prove positive for antinuclear antibodies due to an infection or an autoimmune disease and non hold lupus. In most people with lupus they test positive for antinuclear antibodies. If the organic structur e is infected the physicians may hold a biopsy ordered to look into their tegument and kidneys ( Ferrara, E. ( 2010 ) . There are several physicians involve in a patient attention. The physicians included are rheumatologists ( one who treats arthritis and inflammatory upsets of the immune system ) , an immunologist ( physician specialize in immune system upset ) , few nurses, psychologist, societal workers, skin doctor, nephrologist, haematologist, heart specialist, endocrinologist, and the brain doctor. Treatment for lupus is to forestall the flairs, handle them when they rise and to minimise organ harm. Doctors can learn a patient to acknowledge the warning mark of the flairs and being able to keep it. A physician may choose from legion intervention options, including ordering one or more drugs to antagonize hurting, redness, and related jobs ( Ferrara, E. ( 2010 ) . Lupus is non curable but it can be managed with medicines. Many patients are instructed to take Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as NSAIDS. It is used to handle musculoskeletal jobs and to assist keep febrilities. Hydroxcychloroquine ( Plaquenil ) and chloroquine ( Aralen ) is used to command SLE arthritis, roseolas, oral cavity ulcers, weariness and febrilities. These drugs sometimes take few months before taking affect. The physician will besides order corticosterohe AIDSs to assist with the cutaneal manifestations, arthritis and serositis. If the patient has major organ issues, the physician would order a higher dosage of steroid. They may be given 1 gm of methyprenisolone by endovenous bolus injection. Cytotoxic drugs can be given to handle musculuss or articulations, major variety meats like the kidneys. The patient taking these drugs need to be monitored for serious inauspicious drug reactions like bone narrow suppression and increased susceptibleness to infections ( Roone, J. ( 2005 ) . A figure of alternate interventions have been suggested to assist cut down the symptoms of SLE. There is stylostixis and massage for alleviating the hurting of sore articulations and musculuss. Stress direction, speculation, hypnotherapy, and yoga can be helpful in relaxation. Eating whole nutrients diet with decreased sums of ruddy meat and dairy merchandises can cut down hurting and redness. Food allergic reactions are believed either to lend to SLE or to originate as a effect of the digestive troubles. It may be good eating more fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids, like mackerel, pilchards, and salmon. Vitamins B, C, and E, every bit good as Se, Zn, Mg, and a complete hint mineral addendum have been suggested to better the wellness of SLE patients. Vitamin A is believed to assist better disklike tegument roseolas. Botanic medical specialty can assist the full organic structure through immune transition and detoxification, every bit good as helping single variety meats and system s. Homeopathy and flower kernels can work profoundly on the emotional degree to assist people with this hard disease ( Carson-DeWitt, R. ( 2006 ) . The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provinces that the morbidity and mortality can be due late diagnosing, jobs in entree attention, less effectual interventions, and hapless conformity with curative regiments. The needed, resource aa‚ ¬ † intense surveies are done in little countries. The estimation scope from 1.8 to 7.6 instances per 100,000 individuals per twelvemonth in the United States. I n 19979-1980 Numberss of decease with lupus increased from 879-1,406.Among adult females it is 5 ten higher than in work forces. In inkinesss the decease is 3x higher than in Whites. The cause of decease is chiefly because of organ failure like the kidney, infections and cardiovascular disease. The infirmary stay is longer due to a patient without lupus. In Lupus, the ambulatory attention was listed 1,032,000 in 2001-2005.There is no national cost listed. Populating with lupus can be really ambitious. The achings associated with lupus can be changeless and intolerable. When I wake in the forenoon, I feel like my organic structure went through a compactor. Geting out of bed takes so much out of me because of the tormenting hurting but I know by leting my organic structure to acquire in gesture. Once I get my organic structure in gesture, I feel better, nevertheless I do experience tyre and still see organic structure achings throughout the twenty-four hours. My degree of energy is low. Physical activity is non appealing. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, am exhausted and the terrible hurting starts ( Annie Jolly,2011 ) . How to cite Autoimmune Disease Called Lupus Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

Animal testing1 Essay Example For Students

Animal testing1 Essay Every year, millions of animals suffer and die in painful tests to determine the safety of cosmetics. Substances such as eye shadow and soap are tested on rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, dogs, and other animals, despite the fact that the test results dont help prevent or treat human illness or injury.Cosmetics are not required to be tested on animals and since non-animal alternatives exist, its hard to understand why some companies still continue to conduct these tests. Cosmetic companies kill millions of animals every year to try to make a profit. According to the companies that perform these tests, they are done to establish the safety of a product and the ingredients. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which regulates cosmetic products, does not require animal testing. Some of the tests used on animals are eye irritancy tests, acute toxicity tests, and skin irritancy tests.In eye irritancy tests, a liquid, flake, granule, or powdered substance is dropped into the eyes of a group of albino rabbits. The animals are often immobilized in stocks from which only their heads protrude. They usually receive no anesthesia during the tests. After placing the substance into the rabbits eyes, lab technicians record the damage to the eye tissue at specific intervals over an average period of 72 hours. The tests sometimes last seven to eighteen days. Reactions to the substances include swollen eyelids, ulceration, bleeding, swollen irises massive deterioration, and blindness. During the tests, rabbits eyelids are usually held open with clips, because of this, many animals try to break their necks as they try to escape.Acute toxicity tests, commonly called lethal dose or poisoning tests, determine the amount of a substance that will kill a percentage, even up to one-hundred percent, of a group of test animals. In these tests, a substance is forced by tube into the animals stomach or through holes cut in their throats. Experimenters observe the animals reactions whi ch can include convulsions, labored breathing, malnutrition, skin eruptions, and bleeding from the eyes, nose, or mouth. The test was developed in 1927 and the testing continues until at least fifty percent of the animals die (usually takes 2-4 weeks). Like eye irritancy tests, lethal dose tests are unreliable and have too many variables to have a constant result. Skin irritancy tests are conducted on rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals. The process involves placing chemicals on the animals raw, shaved skin and covering the skin with adhesive plaster. The animals are immobilized in restraining devices to prevent them from struggling. Meanwhile, laboratory workers apply the chemicals which burn into the animals skin. Alternatives to cosmetic testing are less expensive and generally more reliable to perform. Animals have different biological systems than humans therefore the tests cant be as accurate as the current tests. Some alternatives include cell cultures, tissue cultures, co rneas from eye banks, and sophisticated computer and mathematical models. Companies can also devise a formula using ingredients already proven safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Most cruelty-free companies use a combination of methods toensure the safety of a product.Lobbying by animal welfare groups has resulted in federal, state, and local legislation severely restricting animal experimentation. For example, under the U.S. Animal welfare act, all animals used in biomedical research must be bought from vendorslicensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA inspects laboratories where animals are used and enforces federal laws regarding treatment and care of the animals. Biomedical scientists have also taken action to prevent the abuse of the animals, mostlybecause abused animals may not provide reliable data. The American Physiological Society, the National Institutes of Health, and many other scientific organizations have joined to lay down guidelines for the use a nd treatment of experimental animals. Now, there are also many universities with animal welfare committees.In the United States survey by the American Medical Association, it was found that 75 percent of Americans are against using animals in cosmetic testing. Hundreds of companies have responded by switching to animal-friendly test methods. To help put anend to animal testing, people can stop buying products that were tested on animals. 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Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Body Shop International Essay Example

The Body Shop International Paper The Body Shop International presents the case of a company whose business model strength initially relied on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but that afterwards faced problems and challenges, due to mismanagement of internal resources, stakeholders conflicts, and the unawareness of external changes. The model created advantages but also limited growth, as the organization was not prepared for expansion due to the lack of corporate structure required for a global strategy. Anita Roddick believes in the power of businesses and in the use of success as a force of social change, therefore Body initial mission was to make profit with principles, that is, being especially responsible for employees, society, Third World development and the environment. This innovative, radical and daring approach became Body Shops competitive advantage (Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility); and according to this strategy defined a unique marketing approach: desirable and environmental products, moderated prices and relaxed shop environment in order to attract and educate customers (humanistic, environmental conscious). CSR pay offs to Body Shop were clearly appreciated through the 80s when it grew 50% yearly; media attention and customer awareness resulted in boost sales, shop openings, increases in stock value, etc. Exhibit 1 shows Body Shops stakeholders and the strategic outcome or value created by the companys CSR behavior by means of the centrality, specificity, voluntarism and visibility of its actions. Special emphasis and success were obtained in the Visibility dimension, as Body Shop was not always able to practice its social vision, but always was very good at promoting it. We will write a custom essay sample on The Body Shop International specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Body Shop International specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Body Shop International specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Anita is a great PR (loud and quotable) and during her management always made sure the firm gained recognition from internal and external stakeholders. Other keys for Body Shops success were Anitas leadership, charisma, influence and management style; very convenient for an Entrepreneurship venture. She created a corporate culture based on communication, informality and break the rules mentality that resulted in employees loyalty, commitment and productivity. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the 90s Body Shop seemed to have lost its magic growth formula. The main problems faced by the company were its inability to align and prioritize stakeholders interests, as well as its lack of agility and flexibility to evolve and adapt to external changes. One of the main causes was the companys low Proactivity. An initial opportunity was pursued by Body Shop due to its leader believes, vision, anecdotic and lucky events, but afterwards the company was never able to plan its behavior in anticipation of emerging trends and threats (competition, globalization, expansion) and therefore leverage its first mover advantage in the CSR field. Body Shops principal conflict of interest was with Franchises, one of its main partners and stakeholders. The company adopted this model of expansion which was initially appropriate due to its low risk (self financing), but failed in improving and controlling the network. Headquarters was not capable of implementing a control system over franchises, critical during an expansion stage, although a strict and time consuming selection was made. Some franchises were becoming unhappy, not aligned with the companys principles and unmotivated with the business and the concept. Some expressed concern about Anitas ethical and political blowups, but the bottom line was they were not profitable and felt they didnt received support and attention from headquarters. This was especially the case of independent franchises, which to date still represent 29% of the shops, who complained they were discriminated in favor of company owned ones. Body Shop is subcontracting its main asset (relationship with customers) to franchises, so they must align them. They contribute with important start up investments and royalties (5%), as well as with their knowledge and expertise about customers and markets. Vertical integration (buying back unmotivated franchises) is an alternative, but the basic problem will not be solved until they can regain control over the network and exercise legitimate authority over them, by means of implementing rules, standards, and hierarchies (Bureaucracy). Conflicts also started with other stakeholders, such as customers, investors, and even employees (complacency), mainly due to Anitas increasingly political actions. Body Shops brand and image started to deteriorate as consequence of public debates about the companys 100% natural products, best practices, thirst for publicity, hypocritical attitude and populist campaigning. That is, the companys real CSR intentions were questioned and there was a tendency to believe Body Shop expressed social concern just for selling. Potentially, customers could be lost and sales affected, as well as shareholders interests in terms of value creation (dividends, capital gains). Anita was over focusing on social activism and was indifferent to businesses bottom line: Profitability. Some of the key issues not addressed correctly by the company were their unawareness of industry changes and competitors reaction, as well as their failure in preparing an international expansion. Premium competitors such as Aveda, Lush and Origins began offering natural products, exercising pressure over Body Shop, who was not successfully innovating anymore and whose products were starting to be perceived as low end with premium price. The companys decision to expand internationally was a sensible one due to economies of scale (it was depending to much on the UK) and scope and to position itself as a global player in the cosmetic industry with the best CSR practices. However, they neither performed detailed market researches nor prepared the organizations structure for such an expansion. The U. S. market was a different one, with a diverse consumer base less concerned with environmental issues but product and price driven, less brand loyal and in where there was a tough competition, especially through advertisement; a bigger and less controllable market with few common characteristics with the English one. The Body Shop has two alternatives for international expansion: full penetration in the U. S. market with previous market segmentation, offering tailored products and services through convenient channels (gain support and capture malls) or a strategy of light penetration in the U. S. combined with focus in other potential foreign ventures, although not with the same size as the American one (Asia Pacific, Continental Europe, etc). In each case, Body Shop must train intensively to local staff, keep their values, refine their marketing strategy locally (strong advertisement in U. S. arket for example), meet local regulatory demands and continuously monitor and control implementations. In order to successfully transit to the next stage of its organizational life cycle, the Collective Stage, Body Shop should have changed its Roddicks centered organization, in were decision making was only a matter of its leaders. An informal organization was suitable when having few shops; size increase and global expansion demands a formal organization with defined control systems, strict acc ountability, increased bureaucracy and suitable information technology for information flow. A regional structure with decentralized decision making is necessary for gaining international advantage by means of national responsiveness (Multinational Corporation) and future global integration (Global Corporation). Knowledge transfer, headquarters planning, formalization and global teams coordination are key elements. Finally, leadership changes are necessary in order to avoid the organization dependency on Anita and to bring refreshing ideas and industrys best practices. Once a company is public, it needs to operate in its shareholders benefit, so focus should be profits over passion, and agency problems should be avoided, although founders legacy and best practices should be kept. Adrian Bellamy, an ex director who entered the company through a joint venture, is the actual CEO of the Body Shop, after the Roddicks stepped down due to investor pressures. Actually Anita is a consultant, and Bellamy should use Anitas knowledge and expertise in marketing and product development issues in favor of the company; let her continue travel and innovate! Body Shop should maintain its CSR advantage but also refocus its efforts in product development and retailing (franchises), taking into account characteristics of individual markets (adaptive vs. global). Cost reductions, new product launches and packaging, extension of successful ranges, promotions, refreshing store formats, new channels of distribution (Internet), I/T systems support (actually implementing SAP), are some suggested actions in order to re position the brand as one offering credible products at affordable prices. Will Body Shop achieve Sustainable Growth? Anitas legacy (CSR, innovation), together with good business management could make the company return to the success path. Although managing stakeholders relationships is not an easy and straightforward task, the company has still an important network of key partners (franchises) and a brand with global reach, within a sector (personal care) with potential and in were there are still opportunities for expansion.